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Why You Need a Broker

In the past, homebuyers turned exclusively to their banks. Today mortgage brokers are quickly taking over the mortgage market share. Why is this?

There are major differences between a bank and a mortgage broker that make a mortgage broker the best choice.

1. We can save you tens of thousands of dollars by selecting the right lender for your and the right mortgage product for your needs

2. Mortgage brokers have access to hundreds of lenders, including many of the major banks and credit unions. In addition, we have access to mono-line lenders who only do mortgages. By having access to more lenders, means we can do the research for you, based on your situation as to the product that best suites your needs.

3. Mortgage brokers only do one thing…mortgages. We don’t offer everyday banking, investments, etc. We specialize in one thing only, that is MORTGAGES! This means we are able spend the time to ask you the questions and truly determine the best solution for you, which can result in saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage by simply keeping you away from risky bank mortgage products.

4. Lets us Complete your mortgage application remotely. The demand of work and kids had everyone pressed for time. We can take an application over the phone to make it as simple and convenient for your as possible. We also have an industry leading simplified online application that can be  completed from the comfort of your home and documents uploaded to us directly from the client portal.

5. We create long lasting relationships with out clients. When you call us, you don’t get an automated message. Our goal is to treat you like family. We keep in touch through the term of your mortgage so at the time of your renewal we already know your situation. We simply do a quick update of your file.

6. We save on rate! It’s the most efficient way to get the best priced mortgage. Lenders present their rates to us prior to us sending in your application. When they come to us, they come with the most competitive rates to compete with other lenders. 

7. We don’t charge you a fee when the lender compensates us!

At the Mortgage Centre Midland, we care about our clients like family. We want to put you in the absolute best mortgage so you can be in a healthy financial situation and focus on the things that truly matter to you!

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